Josh Peek

It’s been six years since we’ve seen Josh Peek compete at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (NFR) and is he ever excited to be back. The veteran cowboy has been here on six occasions, three in tie-down roping and three in steer wrestling. In 2009, he competed in both events and won the NFR All-Around title.

This trailer has been a familiar site at many rodeos this year.


That same year, he finished as the reserve champion. He is once again gunning for an all-around championship. He enters the 2016 NFR second in the all-around and seventh in the steer wrestling. After struggles with horses, he finished the year 26th in the tie-down roping.

Josh and his wife Kori have seven-year-old twins, daughter Emry and son Keagan. And, in September, they welcomed baby boy Jagger into the family. He won the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association steer wrestling championship in 2000 competing for Frank Philips College at Borger, Texas before joining the PRCA in 2002.

The Peek family’s newest member Jagger arrived in September


Josh is the oldest of three boys in the Peek family. Jon and Jeremiah are also members of the PRCA. He struggled the last month of the season after injuring his lower back at the Colorado State Fair Rodeo in his hometown of Pueblo. He continued to compete, but wasn’t at his best. He has been at home with the family and is working really hard to be healthy through all 10 performances of the finals.

Favorite movie: I’ve got so many good ones that I like, from The Last Samauri to the whole Jason Bourne series. I enjoy a lot of movies.

Favorite current TV show: Law and Order, Criminal Minds and The Voice.

Dogs or cats: Dogs – We have Chester, a Lhasa Apso, and couple of outside dogs, Cactus and Romeo that are heeler crosses.

Favorite dessert: Cheesecake – with strawberries or caramel.

Favorite card or board game: Sorry. We play it all the time with the kids. Emry kicks my butt all the time.

Favorite sport, other than rodeo: I love playing basketball but watch football. Being from Colorado, you just about have to be a Broncos fan.

If you weren’t in rodeo, what would you be doing: Business – Always have enjoyed the business side of things. I would definitely be in buying and selling. Right now, I work with Boulder Energy Solutions, a company that puts their employees first and I’ve learned a lot from them.

Best childhood memory: I remember sleeping in the back of the pickup when we’d travel as a family. Us three boys, (brothers Jon and Jeremiah) it was pretty fun. We used to have a fort in the river bottom here in Pueblo and playing in that with my brothers made a lot of memories too.

Best gift you ever received:The love and support from my family. That’s from my Mom and Dad to my grandmas and wife and kids, all the way down the line.

Favorite thing you like about Las Vegas: I love the competition at the NFR.

Outside of that, I like the restaurants and all of the great food to eat. We go eat sushi at the Treasure Island every year.

Famous person you’d most like to meet: John Wayne and Bill Gates. I’m a cowboy at heart so meeting John Wayne would be awesome. For Bill Gates to do what he has done without a degree appeals to the businessman in me.

What do you like to do in your spare time: Spend time with my family. We wrestle, play on the trampoline, watch movies – lots of different stuff.

My role model is: Trevor Brazile has to be a role model for me. He’s one of the greatest guys in our industry, especially as an all-around. I like the way he carries himself. My Dad has been a role model for me in and out of the arena from the get go.

Best travel partner:  Dirk Tavenner has been a great traveling partner for me this year. He’ll be hazing for me at the finals. My brother Jon was great to travel with too.

Music: All genres – I listen to country, hip hop, 80s, spiritual, Bellamy brothers, Cat Stevens – I listen to a lot of different music.

Favorite Horse: Cody—was one of my favorite horses ever. I rode him in the tie-down roping for five years. My second favorite is quickly becoming Ace, the bulldogging horse I’m riding right now. I’ve had him for four years. He’s only been on the trail for 2 1/2 years.

If you could live anywhere where would it be: The front range of Colorado. It’s hard to beat where we live in Colorado. We are one of the few states that still have four seasons.

Best thing about being a dad:  When they hug me. Keagan will hug me and tell me that he loves me. Every night before she goes to bed Emry will hug me, tell me that she loves me and tells me to have sweet dreams. You get to see the tenderness in this world.

Emry, Josh and Keagan at Josh’s brother Jeremiah’s wedding.


Facebook or Twitter – Facebook because it gives me more ability to interact. I’m starting to really use Snapchat too.

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