Amberleigh Moore

Amberleigh Moore took the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo by storm in 2016 moving from 15th place in the barrel racing standings up to second.

She was the high money earner of all the barrel racers at $187,692. Riding her eight-year-old mare CP Dark Moon that she calls Paige, they placed in all but two of the 10 rounds. And, she made the trip to the South Point Hotel and Casino after rounds five, eight and nine to pick up go-round buckles.

She is determined to be back in Las Vegas this December. Like most rodeo contestants, Amberleigh sets goals to remind her of what she wants to achieve. With Paige healthy and Amberleigh focused, they are already making history in 2017.

The dynamic duo had a clean sweep at San Antonio’s Rodeo in February. Amberleigh made the victory lap around the AT&T Center a record six times. She tied for first in one round and won the other five outright including the finals which paid over $14,000. They were the highest-money earners ever at the rodeo taking home $29,338. As of March 13, she was second in the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association (WPRA) World Standings.

amberleigh finals
Amberleigh Moore’s final run at the San Antonio Stock Show Rodeo netted her nearly $30,000. Photo by Greg Westfall

Amberleigh has ridden horses all of her life and competed in play days as a youngster. She started training horses and moved into the barrel racing futurity world before Paige came into her life.

As Paige progressed, Amberleigh made the decision to join the WPRA. That was 2015. She qualified for the Columbia River Circuit Finals and won the circuit’s Rookie of the Year title that year.

She will compete in Houston, then make the trip to Kissimmee, Florida for the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo in April before heading home to Oregon. Her husband Paul is home taking care of the family business. They have one daughter, Keirstin, who travels with Amberleigh when she can.

Favorite movie:  Ten Things I Hate About You – with Heith Ledger. There is something about that movie that makes me want to watch it again and again.

Favorite current TV show:  I have not watched television for two years. If there is anything it would be Blacklist. I have it on DVR, so I can watch it when I get home.

Dogs or cats: Dogs – Allie Jo who is a Shih Tzu Chihuahua. She is playful and sweet but is a terrible traveling partner. She just lays on the back seat and sleeps.

Favorite dessert: Probably a hot fudge sundae. But I like anything with chocolate

Favorite board or card game: My family plays several different card games. My husband likes to make up the rules as we go, so it gets pretty interesting. Especially when the whole family is there.

Favorite sport, other than rodeo:  I like NASCAR – I went to the Daytona 500 once. It was really, really hot, so I went shopping for a hat. I got a Matt Kinseth cap and l started following him. 


2016 Wrangler NFR (c)Tom Donoghue

If you weren’t in rodeo, what would you be doing: Training futurity horses. I have a whole barn full. I like to travel so that would keep me on the road.

Best gift you ever received:
 My daughter, Keirsten.


Favorite thing you like about Las Vegas: I have been there a lot for work trips with my husband and family. It’s a great place in the summer to just relax and lay by the pool. Of course there is the NFR.

What do you like to do in your spare time:  I make my tack. When I couldn’t get to Denver because of the weather I was irritated. So I sat down and got four halters done. It’s good because it keeps my hands busy.

What would you do if you won the lottery: Tour the world. I’d see everything and then I’d go back to work.

My role model is: My parents and grandpa. The are really hard working people. Probably where I get my work ethic from is my dad and grandpa.

 What would people be surprised to learn about you: I won’t white water raft and I won’t jump out of an airplane.

Music: I listen to Road Trip Radio on Sirius a lot. I like anything and everything that is upbeat. It keeps me going down the road.     

Best horse you’ve ever ridden: I had a black gelding named Philip that I learned a lot from. He taught me to be the competitor that I am and he prepared me for Paige. He was home raised and home trained and still has records that have never been beat. The first time I got on Paige, she reminded me of him and I thought it was just meant to be.

Best thing about being a mom: Having a daughter to ride and travel with – It gives me a traveling partner that I know like the back of my hand. I really enjoy it when we get to go together.

How do you name your horses: Paige didn’t have a name when I bought her. Started playing with the names on her papers, CP Dark Moon. CP stands for Cody and Paige. My husband started calling her Paige and it stuck.


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